Web Services for Small Businesses

With 20 years of experience building digital products, I help businesses and non-profits improve their web presence without ongoing costs or effort.


Baseline Snapshot

Sometimes, you’re not sure what’s wrong (or right!) with your website’s performance. You just need someone to take a peek under the hood and identify areas of improvement. My baseline snapshot service gives you a variety of data and an overall assessment of your website’s performance.


SEO Audit

When you know your website isn’t landing in search results where you would like it, the best place to start is with an audit of your website’s content and code to make sure everything is optimized.


Social Media Strategy

Most web agencies will tell you that you have to have a bunch of social media accounts and original content on each. But how does a small business follow through to keep social media active and worth the time?


Email Automation

Email marketing is still the most effective and measurable digital outreach you can do. But it’s a challenge to create regular emails. Email automation lets you “set it and forget it.”