Professional work

My career began accidentally when I learned HTML in order to build my own web magazine. That led to jobs as a writer and a developer. Through the years, I’ve helped individuals start blogging; created a blogging initiative in an agency; been the first web content manager at a technology manufacturer; created strategies for small businesses; helped non-profits align their web tools and content; and written many stories about life, culture, and work.

What I have learned through a career at the intersection of content and code is that I feel most at home telling stories that impact me personally and I am most engaged when my work allows me to measure my results and optimize my content over an extended period of time.

Creating a content strategy is not a singular event but an ongoing process that requires a mixture of writing, editing, curating, reading data, optimizing, and working alongside designers, developers, analysts, marketers, and stakeholders to realize a message in three dimensions.